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Welcome to Pre MCorp

The changing global economic climate has resulted in fewer job opportunities in the corporate sector in South Africa. This in turn has opened the door to an increased focus on entrepreneurship as a solution to create jobs. This is an exciting period for the country as entrepreneurship is fairly new to a large percentage of South Africans and therefore there is a great need for simulating entrepreneurial activity and teaching the concepts of it. Government via its B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice is also trying to stimulate big businesses support for entrepreneurs. Public and private partnerships and cross linkages between business, government, NGOs and other key players in the economy to stimulate entrepreneurship activity offers the citizens of South Africa a hand up rather than a hand out at this crucial and volatile economic time.

Pre MCorp (Pty) Ltd focuses on the sustainable development, implementation, operationalisation and facilitation of programmes that focuses on Entrepreneurship, Incubation, Enterprise and Supplier Development and SMME Development. Pre MCorp aims to contribute to the economic success of South Africa by partnering with organisations (public and private sector) to develop and implement sustainable programmes in the entrepreneurship and SMME development space. 

Pre MCorp is based in the Vaal Triangle and is a Level One B-BBEE contributor that is 100% Black Woman owned.


To be the leading and preferred partner for the Development, Implementation and Operationalisation of Entrepreneurial Programmes in Southern Africa.


To offer support and guidance to ensure sustainable opportunities and programmes are established to enable job creation and poverty alleviation.

Core Values

We subscribe to the following values:


1 Integrity 4 Accountability
2 Quality 5 Delivery
3 People